Death Of Radio Greatly Exaggerated

The death of radio is greatly exaggerated, writes Michael Hedges in a piece adapted from his presentation to the Brave New Radio conference last week. His look at the state of the medium across Europe comes up with some positive, and surprising, results. "In virtually every audience survey in Europe radio listening is up," he writes. "Not simply up, but at record levels." He continues: "In the last 30 years we've seen an absolute explosion of radio channels and stations. Within the 44 countries in the UN definition of Europe... there are roughly 15,000 broadcast radio outlets, about one for every 50,000 people. Ten years ago there were half as many." Why should that be? Hedges offers four reasons for radio's success: technology, programming, marketing and management. And in a lengthy analysis, he explains how the interaction between them works so positively. He also takes on board the rise of the internet and its beneficial effect.

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Radio listening figures up again

The latest RAJAR figures, which is the system the radio industry uses to measure audience figures, show 47.1m people listened to radio in the UK in the last three months – an increase from this time last year.   90.7% of the 15+ population listened to radio during the three months to the end of September – it’s a year-on-year increase for the medium but a slight drop compared with the previous quarter. Total listening hours are up year on year to 1,076m hours per week (compared with 1,055m in Q3/10) but remain the same as the last set of figures which were out in August.   In terms of the share between the BBC and commercial radio, the split is now 54.5% BBC, 43.3% Commercial. There have been quarter-on-quarter share increases for BBC Network radio and Local Commercial radio.   Listening on line has seen listening hours up 32% year on year. RadioCentre, which represents commercial radio operators, says that the impact of online listening platform , which launched in April is clear to see, with 10.4% of the population now tuning into their favourite stations via the internet every week.

Radio Wizards is launched

We will be posting news and information about using audio in the business world to educate and inform staff and customers as well as producing audio products.

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